Clipping path service is a modern image editing services in the world, and we are best services place for the photographers. In photo clipping service, we do image background remover, image masking, image manipulation, photo retouching, drop shadow and E-commerce image editing service etc.
CP-S provides FREE trial up to two images that give you guarantee and joy to the client before the actual job.

Some Services Descriptions:

Drop Shadow

This service brings life to images by making it real and giving it a strong visual presentation impression. Irrespective of the existing shadows of the images, the Natural shadow is applied to it under lighting conditions using the latest software and exceptional techniques which give an authentic image shadow and thus; the original shadow of the image is retained.

Mirror Effect

This gives a 3D effect to images as they are being transformed from their flat and dull appearance to a glossy nature of highest quality.

Image Manipulation

This is a great tool used in removing the background from images as it blends picture very well by placing one part of the image on another image. They are used in product presentations, background replacement, picture mix and match, object removal and so on.

Vector Conversion

This involves the use of a Pen Tool for converting graphics, logo or images in jpg/png/bitmap form to a scalable vector graphics that can are applicable in the tools advertisement. Vector Conversion also converts poor quality images to a high-quality vector design.

Background Removal Services

This is one of the removal and editing strategies of the service rendered company used in cutting out of the background of a given image from a shot or removing the real background of that image and subjecting the cutout portion to redecoration or refurbishes according to certain requirements as being offered by the clients. The newly refurbished images put up an awe-inspiring look which is pleasing and attractive to people.

Clients Need Always

√ Best Services

√ Quick turnaround delivery

√ Low cost

√ Fast support

√ Immediate correction or modification

CP-S is promising with those terms and making good business relationship for longer by giving all kinds of photo cutout services.

What is Clipping path?

This is a close path of the vector that uses of Photoshop software. By using Photoshop pen tool, path cut out an image from its background. There have many tools in Photoshop for the reomoving background like the magic tool, background eraser, etc. But the result would not be accurate like pen tool provides actual clipping to dropping out the background image and applied any color in terms of clients aspect. Clipping is mainly done with photoshop for that reason it is called Photoshop clipping path.

How does Clipping Path do By Photoshop?

We know it has another name that is vector path. When path applies on an image by pen tool, Anything inside the path will exist and outside the path will remove. There also has the sharp edge and hard edge image with feathers. For background remover, photoshop path tool is the best method regarding best quality.

Where are using Photoshop path tool?

Day by day Photoshop path tool is making an easy life for photographers and e-commerce business. So how are we making easy by image editing? In the e-commerce world, all companies are competitive. They are fighting to each other for going up. Please see in below of doll pictures after and before. Which one attractive? Of course After one is most attractive than Before. So it is possible only by clipping path services. By Photoshop path tool, can remove the background of an image and can add different colors.

Who needs Photoshop clipping path services?

√ Photographer

√ News publications

√ Printing Industries

√ Graphic design house

√ Magazin Industries

√ Advertising agency

√ Media Agency

√ Online products Shop

√ E-commerce Shop

How we do 100% clients satisfaction

√ We are doing handmade accurate path using Photoshop pen tool.

√ We have experienced pen tool team who studied in design school

√ We have fast photo cutout masters, and they are editing 10,000++ images per day.

√ We are well-known in remove background from product image.

√ We have three checkers for checking images qualities.

√ We are 24/7 provide services for customers.

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